Beetlejuice (1988) Dir: Tim Burton

Well, I’ve read through that handbook for the recently deceased. It says: ‘live people ignore the strange and unusual. I, myself, am strange and unusual. [Lego Beetlejuice House]…-Beetlejuice-1988.html

Friday The 13th (1980) Dir: Sean S. Cunningham

Unlucky For Some…

Tenebre (1982) Dir: Dario Argento

"The impulse had become irresistible. There was only one answer to the fury that tortured him. And so he committed his first act of murder. He had broken the most deep-rooted taboo, and found not guilt, not anxiety or fear, but freedom. Any humiliation which stood in his way could be swept aside by the simple act of annihilation: Murder."

Profondo Rosso (1975) Dir: Dario Argento

La La La La-La-La La La-La-La-La-La… [Goblin’s Profondo Rosso Soundtrack]


Inferno (1980) Dir: Dario Argento

"I failed to discover until too late that from those three locations, the three mothers ruled the world with sorrow, tears and darkness…"

Suspiria (1977) Dir: Dario Argento

Goblin’s Colourful Murderous Ballet